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Hi! Ciao! Labas!

My name is Andrius Banelis. I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. In my work with colors, shapes and textures I keep things simple, yet informative. Same with my life, really.

In case of spontaneous hellos, queries or collaboration opportunities contact me via email or +370 671 74 962

Clients & Collaborators:

The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Rodrigo Corral Studio, The Daily Telegraph, Christian Today Magazine, Berkeley Haas Magazine, The World Today, Spectrum Magazine, The Alcalde, Fine Acts, The Foundry, Les Évadés, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Astra Publishing House, Travel + Leisure, Geico, Coca-Cola, Vilnius University, Sjaaks Chocolate.

Featured in:

Osso magazineBallpitmag, Picame, Design Inspiration, Illustrator Served by Behance, Inkygoodnes, Ilustrarte 2018, Picture Desk Magazine, Pinzle Curation

Interviewed by: Ballpitmag

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