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Hi! Ciao! Labas!

My name is Andrius Banelis. I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. In my work with colors, shapes and textures I keep things simple, yet informative. Same with my life, really.

In case of spontaneous hellos, queries or collaboration opportunities contact me via email or +370 671 74 962

Clients & Collaborators:

The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Harvard Business Review, The Daily Telegraph, The World Today, The Alcalde, Berkeley Haas Magazine, Spectrum Magazine, Astra Publishing House, Travel + Leisure, Geico, Coca-Cola, Vilnius University, Sjaaks Chocolate, Rodrigo Corral Studio, Omse Design Studio, EmDash, The Foundry, Fine Acts

Featured in:

Osso magazineBallpitmag, Picame, Design Inspiration, Illustrator Served by Behance, Inkygoodnes, Ilustrarte 2018, Picture Desk Magazine, Pinzle Curation
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